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How to choose your curtains?


In a house like an apartment, the curtains not only insulate from outside eyes. Just like the color of a wall or the presence of a rug on the floor, curtains bring the final touch to interior decoration. They affirm the style of a room, refine the atmosphere of a place, translate the feeling of a room dressed to the nines. From now on, they are added to the long list of decorative accessories that stick to trends. Whether plain, patterned, in sober or original shades, whether linen, cotton or velvetĀ  , curtains are the new essentials for perfecting the decoration of the house.

Each room has its own type of curtains

Generally, curtains are present in all living rooms. From the living room to the bedroom via the office, their presence is essential to refine the style of the room . Depending on whether they dress the window of a bedroom or a living room, the curtains will not be the same, depending on the material, style and size.

To choose the right curtains for the living room , for example, we recommend choosing the curtains according to the season… and why not follow the trends of the moment! We put on light linen or cotton curtains in the spring and, in the fall, we prefer thicker and heavier curtains to suggest a cocoon atmosphere and repel the cold both literally and figuratively. To perfect the style of the living room, we will take care to adapt to the style of the room and the colors already present so as not to denote completely with unharmonious curtains.

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In a bedroom, several factors will determine the choice of curtains . Does your window have shutters? Do you have face-to-face? If your window is equipped with shutters and you only want to protect yourself from prying eyes, a simple curtain will suffice. If the shutters are non-existent, it is better to opt for a pair of thick curtains, or even blackout curtains that will protect you from the light of day. Combining the two on the same rod is the ideal solution.

Plain curtains or patterned curtains: which to prefer?

On this side everything is permitted. You just have to dare. The main thing is to remain in total harmony with the whole decoration. The most fearful will opt for plain curtains in neutral and soft tones or even tone-on-tone patterned curtains , just to avoid “lack of taste”. The more daring, on the contrary, will dare the curtains more or less loaded with colorful patterns. However, this type of curtain is reserved for spacious and very bright rooms such as a large living room or a large living room with dining room.

You should know that curtains also have the ability to modify the visual perception of the volumes of a room . For example, we will prefer a pair of striped curtains to give an impression of height in a rather low room. As we will prefer light curtains in a small room lacking in light. Choosing your curtains is equivalent to choosing your furniture well: this will always have an impact on the perception of the room.

What material for the curtains?

It’s all about style. Today, the choice of curtain materials is vast and the latter are chosen mainly according to the atmosphere that one wishes to create. Thus, a pretty pair of heavy cotton curtains will inspire a warm and contemporary atmosphere. Velvet curtains with iridescent reflections will suggest a decoration that is both opulent and cozy, very trendy at a time when the Art Deco style is making a comeback. Finally, for a zen and modern spirit, there’s nothing like a pair of linen curtains to breathe a zen minimalist atmosphere.

How much for curtains?

As with everything in terms of decoration, the price necessarily affects the choice of the curtain in question. From one brand to another, prices vary according to styles and materials. A velvet or silk curtain will not display the same price as a simple cotton or polyester curtain. Another detail to take into account: the accessories inherent in the curtains: curtain tiebacks, rods, end caps of the rods… So many elements that can considerably increase the bill.

To be sure of making the right choice, take the time to visit several editors, to touch and look at the material of this decorative accessory in order to realize its reaction to light. Discover our special curtain file to find out more…


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