10 easy decorating ideas

10 easy decorating ideas for Thanksgiving


Strongly celebrated among our neighbors to the south, Thanksgiving is marked with less gusto north of the border. The fact remains that we can still invite our loved ones to come and have dinner at home and decorate our house for the occasion , to highlight this fall celebration in our own way .

Here are  10  ideas for decorating your home for Thanksgiving dinner .

1. Serve the soup in a pumpkin

What’s better than using a pumpkin as a serving platter? The squash is harvested in the fall and its orange color is reminiscent of that season. His presence at the table is therefore ideal for a Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Place gourds and candles in the center of the table

When you receive for a special occasion, it’s always fun to decorate the table in an original way. Here, we suggest you place squash of various kinds and colors as well as various candles on a wooden cutting board. It’s easy as pie to do and it’s super representative of the party!

3. Create a flowery and welcoming entrance

This decorating will be all about Thanksgiving and will carry over into Halloween . Ideal to warmly welcome your guests as well as the little candy runners!

4. Make a garland of autumn leaves

To create an autumnal atmosphere, make a garland using jute rope, small wooden clothespins (these are sold in dollar stores and craft stores) and colored leaves picked up during your last health walk outdoors.

5. Use colored leaves as place cards

Through pumpkin pies , slow-cooked turkey and savory fall vegetables , Thanksgiving is an exaltation of the senses. During long hearty meals with the family, a lot of importance is placed on the presentation of the table.

6. Create a cozy atmosphere with garlands of lights

Take out the garlands of light usually reserved for the holidays and decorate your kitchen table, living room table or your mantel with them. Add a few miniature gourds and pine cones and you’ll get a warm atmosphere in no time at little cost!

7. Use Pumpkins as Succulent Planters

Surely you already have a candle holder inside which you have placed a candle, right? Well, for Thanksgiving, give it a little pep by adding leaves, pine cones and seasonal dried fruits and spices, such as cinnamon sticks or anise stars. . For those who appreciate simplicity, this decorative idea is perfect!

8. Create a cocktail area

Combining the useful (and the beautiful) with the pleasant is always fun! For your Thanksgiving dinner, set up a cocktail area for your guests. You can prepare a series of beverages in advance and display them prominently on the island or simply lay out a tray filled with beautifully placed ingredients (pitcher, mason jars garnished with cubed apples, cinnamon sticks , etc. .) question that your guests decorate their cocktail as they wish. The small space will serve as decoration, while being super practical (it will save you from playing bartender or barmaid all evening)!

10. Set up a table of handmade gifts

In a small corner, set up a table of handmade gifts for your guests. You could cook apple butter , jam or granola mix and separate the recipe into various small jars which you then decorate with kraft paper and jute rope. As the purpose of Thanksgiving is to celebrate the harvest, this type of present is very appropriate. In addition, it will embellish a part of your house and will delight your guests. What more could you ask for!


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