furnish an entrance hall

How to furnish an entrance hall


First impressions count, and that applies not only to people but also to homes. As soon as we open the door of a house and take our first steps inside, we get a pretty good idea of ​​the atmosphere there.

The entrance is the calling card of a house, but unfortunately decorating in good taste has become more and more complicated over the years. For what ? The space dedicated to the entrance hall has been gradually reduced to become directly integrated into the first room of the house: it is no longer, as before, a real room. This does not detract from the fact that – regardless of the space available – the entrance has a very important function, namely to welcome us into the house..

And to welcome us in the best possible way, it must not only convey positive feelings, but also be a practical place . When entering a house, our first thought is to get rid of anything we don’t need, like our keys or our coat, preferably without creating a mess. Conversely, when you go out, you must quickly collect the most useful objects.

In this article we are going to see together some practical and neat ideas to furnish an entrance hall, without giving up aesthetic beauty and love for design.

As we said, the entrance hall as a separate room tends to disappear in today’s homes. The available space being limited, it is difficult to find furniture that meets all our needs. However, Ronda Design has created beautiful and discreet solutions to furnish an entrance hall with style, in order to enhance this part of the house that is too often neglected.

The Magnetika furnishing system offers you the possibility of creating solutions whose dimensions and functions can be customized down to the smallest detail. This is possible because it is an articulated system of metallic and magnetic elements whose combination allows the realization of customizable solutions and in constant movement . This means that you can move and reposition the elements according to your tastes and practical needs, without limits.

How to furnish an entrance hall is no longer a problem, but a pleasure. The choice is vast: mirrors, coat racks, empty pockets with an original design… you can finally create an entrance that is both functional and aesthetic.

The mirror is a classic element of the entrance hall, which immediately helps to create the right atmosphere for this space. If it is a magnetic mirror , then the effect is guaranteed.

The effect can be completed with magnetic entrance accessories that move according to your needs. An example ? Move the hangers to the most comfortable height for your children , thus accompanying their growth without having to change the furniture.

The Jazz magnetic entrance

Want to be inspired ? A complete, organized and functional idea to keep things in order, but also very aesthetic, is found in the Jazz magnetic entrance . It is a complete line of steel or copper sheet paneling, magnetic mirrors, magnetic coat racks, storage trays and magnetic shelves in various sizes. You can choose to expand the furniture vertically or horizontally, depending on the space available. The extra touch? Jazz’s ability to be backlit.


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