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Where to find budget-friendly home decor – Tips from top designers


Creating gorgeous interiors doesn’t have to drain bank accounts as many people think. While stunning architectural digest spreads showcase envy-inducing designer furniture and exquisite finishes, plenty of budget-friendly alternatives exist without sacrificing style. Everything from where you source furnishings to opting for lesser-known materials makes enhancing home decor attainable. Follow insider tips from top designers on elevating rooms fabulously while keeping expenses in check.

Scan sales and discount retailers strategically

Never pay full price if patience and persistence pay off. Catalog and online sales from mass retailers yield major deals on home staples year-round. High-end lines like RH frequently host 25-30% off sales making splurges feel sensible by saving hundreds. Stock up on neutral bedding and basic furniture during these promos for cost-effective yet elevated basics. Boutique rental companies also offer chic furniture at affordable monthly rates. This facilitates flexing fresh styles at home without consuming budgets long-term through ownership. Consider renting big statement pieces showcasing your signature aesthetic and then integrating affordable supporting decor.

Similarly, discount home stores provide perfect venues for scoring accessories, tabletop items, decorative objects, and gifts avoiding retail rates. interior designer Westlake Village frequent discount retailers sourcing quality wares at reasonable prices. Take cues browsing their artisan finds from textiles to serve ware.

Prioritize all-in-one materials

Flooring and surfaces that multitask both save dollars and simplify designs. Seek hardworking materials like stained concrete floors eliminating the need for additional rugs and carpets while exuding industrial edge. Limewashed brick achieves an exposed look financially and keeps the raw structural materials as a finish. Rich wood paneling on walls adds decorative detail skipping pricey wallpaper or unnecessary paint. Multipurpose metals like brass and copper transition from hardware to furnishings to lighting merging functions. Evaluate rooms to utilize substantive finishes flanked by affordable accents.

Embrace multifunctional furniture

Creative furniture combos also prevent purchasing multiple single pieces. Sectionals with chaises suffice for seating and sleeping guests. Storage ottomans provide surfaces and stash zones simultaneously. Backless floor mirrors visually expand rooms by reflecting light and scenery through glass doors. Nesting tables consolidate dining, coffee, and side options into one portable furnishing. Assess layouts wisely to identify versatile furnishings satisfying expanded needs like work-from-home offices.

Vintage and antique furniture gets viewed as worn sometimes, but often carries superior build integrity and unique charm. From intricate details to hybrid designs mixing modern and traditional, previously owned pieces showcase high-quality refinement. Ensure proper functionality by testing wheels, doors, and wear then envision reviving extra character through planned repairs, fresh upholstery, and repainting solid wood frames. What appears tired now may become your prized signature piece later.

Shape space creatively

Interior design fully depends on complete space planning from layout to storage to volume. Clever shaping of rooms affords using small-yet-mighty furnishings suiting needs functionally while costing less. Consider banquette seating maximizing dining in unused nooks or large-scale sectionals shaping communal spaces. Explore modular furniture customizing seating to available area proportions.

While mass-manufactured modern pieces prevail, handmade elements inject warmth, uniqueness, and personality economically. Locally crafted pottery, art, pillows, and baskets likely come from artisans directly offering fair rates. Guide overall room composition with neutral essentials then showcase regional talent through accessorizing. Support individuals and small businesses while gaining cherished decor. Interior design ultimately comes down to resourcefulness and creativity more than colossal budgets.


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