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Our entrance hall design advice


The entrance hall is often a neglected space, neglected or even not furnished at all. However, in a house as in an apartment, any place is good to take! Storage, style, colors: here are our entrance hall layout tips to optimize this hybrid room.

What colors to choose for an entrance hall?

By definition, the entrance hall is a passageway, not very big, where you don’t live. In fact, there is little risk of you getting tired of the decoration or the color of the walls. It is therefore an opportunity to dare, to innovate, and to try colors that you have never dared to wear at home! Trendy colors like terracotta, deep duck blue or even patterned wallpapers are yours. Be careful, however, not to decide too much with the decoration of the rooms that adjoin your hall. The ideal is to stay in the same style, and to choose colors in harmony with those of the other spaces.

For an optimal entrance hall layout, choose your paint colors ideally with a color chart, in daylight, or in the light conditions that will be those of the room. Thus, no risk of unpleasant surprises once at home!

How to enhance an entrance hall?

Lobby areas, like hallways, are often dark and unwelcoming places. How to cure it ? By multiplying the sources of light! When designing the entrance hall, vary between wall hangings, ceiling lights, floor lamps or even garlands: the choice is wide. Do not bet only on ceiling lighting, often cold and direct, which will not be warm. On the contrary, if the space allows it, put for example a small extra lamp on a console, or a wall shelf, or even a floor lamp in the corner of the room. Finally, opt for LED bulbs in warm colors, which give a more convivial atmosphere.

In addition to lighting the room, also think about decorative objects, and especially mirrors! Practical for taking a look at your outfit before leaving the house, they also have the advantage of making the room look bigger and brighter. Another advantage: a large mirror is a pretty decorative object that dresses up a wall in no time. Adding a plant, a shrub or a plant element is also a plus to make the space more lively.

Our selection of furniture for an entrance hall layout

What if your entrance hall became a utility space? This space can, for example, be furnished with a bench to put your shoes on, a piece of furniture that serves as a small wardrobe or coat rack to hang jackets and bags, or even additional storage for things you don’t use often. The must-have in terms of furniture for the layout of the entrance hall remains the small wooden bench, practical and cozy.

Another possibility: opt for a console, in other words a small high and shallow piece of furniture, which is installed along a wall. It allows you to put a lamp, some decorative elements, plants or even a storage compartment to deposit everyday objects.

For you, the layout of the entrance hall should be used to save space for storing and storing clothes or shoes? So bet on functional furniture! Wardrobes with multiple corners, shoe cabinets in a row on the wall: depending on the space you have, it is possible to optimize the space to store your belongings. For large entrance halls, it is possible to install a made-to-measure dressing room, which will adapt to the dimensions of the room.

If you have a tighter space, a shallow shoe cabinet can be installed against the wall. Practical, the drawers allow you to store many pairs without cluttering up space or obstructing your view.

How to delimit an entrance hall?

Don’t want to waste space by making a partition? To properly define the space, it is possible to install claustras (open partitions in half-timbered form), which have the advantage of allowing light to pass through. A canopy can also do the trick, always with a view to brightness and space. Less constraining, simple screens can also be installed and moved easily. On the floor, you can materialize the separation with a carpet, or by choosing a different floor covering from the rest of the room: tiles of another color, etc.

Do you lack inspiration or ideas for the layout of an entrance hall? Tell us about your project and collaborate with our online interior designers on the realization of your project.


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