What design furniture

What design furniture for an entrance hall?


Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the first room you face when you come home is usually the entrance hall. Wide, narrow, dark or even bright, our entrance is an essential part of our home and yet, we too often leave it aside. In order to make it warmer with a more comfortable atmosphere, many arrangements are possible to improve the latter. Play of light, decoration, console, storage… Multiple ideas can bring a design touch to your entrance hall. So that you can benefit from quality furniture, Boite à Design has a wide choice of furnishings to decorate your interior. designer chair, stool, shoe cabinet, many products are available to make your entrance as trendy as possible.

Entrance hall essentials

An entrance hall is characterized by specific pieces of furniture, among which there are storage units that are intended to save space in your interior, such as a coat rack or a shoe cabinet. However, to make your interior warmer, more precisely, your entrance, you can opt for a completely different way of arranging this type of furniture. Whatever the size of your entrance, you can optimize the space by inserting wall storage for your shoes and coats. This frees up space on a larger surface of the floor for a more refined look. For your seat, if you already have one or want to put this furniture in place in your entrance, place it so as not to obstruct the passage between your entrance hall and your hallway. In this way,

Another must-have in the entrance hall is obviously the mirror. In order for it to be a real added value to your room, it is essential to choose its dimensions and place it well. If you have favored neutral colors for your entrance, a large mirror will be preferred. However, if you have chosen a darker or more sparkling color palette, a small mirror will find its place perfectly on your walls.

Make your entrance hall warm with the right furniture

To make your entrance hall more stylish, it is generally recommended to add a touch of warmth to it to encourage people in it to feel safe. By favoring a comfortable aspect while keeping a modern aspect, you will be more easily at ease there. Chair, armchair, designer console , table: there are many pieces of furniture that you can install to make your entrance a real meeting place when you get home.

Dare to use colors for a sparkling starter

Contrary to what many may think, a hallway doesn’t always have to be an understated room in neutral colors. Indeed, if you want the latter to have a deeper or more sparkling aspect, do not hesitate to play on the colors and the lights to give it a more refreshing aspect. If you choose to go for dark colors such as midnight blue or English green, it is generally recommended to keep a touch of wood in your furniture in order to bring a detail that stands out. Solid wood or light wood, both will bring a trendy look to a less bright entrance. However, if you decide to go for neutral tones combining cream or simply colder colors, wood will bring warmth to your room.

Design an entrance hall that suits you

In order to feel good when you return home, it is important to arrange your interior in such a way that you are comfortable. Still largely neglected, the entrance hall remains a major part of our habitat and providing it with the decoration and furnishings that suit your tastes will give it the design touch it lacked. Therefore, do not hesitate to bring color, light, plaids, furniture to meet all your needs. To allow you to take advantage of trendy furniture to furnish your interior, Boite à Design has a whole selection of furniture delivered as soon as possible. Bar stools, shoe cabinets or even a side table, many products are available to meet all your desires. “


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