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How to room clean properly ?


However, for it to be a truly welcoming space, everything has to be right. Although it’s hard to find a few minutes to do a deep cleaning of the room , we assure you that it is worth making an effort once in a while to keep your room spotless. With our tips, cleaning your room will be very easy!

Ventilate the room

It is very important that the rooms are ventilated. That is why, even in winter, we recommend that you open the window for a quarter of an hour so that the room is aired. This is also the secret of the best home cleaners so that their customers find a fresh and healthier room.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to place the pillows, sheets or duvet on the window sill for a few moments. This way, you’ll help break down the sweat you lose while sleeping and prevent dust mites from reproducing.

Flip the mattress occasionally

When you remove the sheets to put the washing machine we recommend washing at high temperature in case they have been used by sick people, to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Also take the opportunity to turn the mattress. In this way, you will increase the life of the mattress, which is about ten years, and you will feel more comfortable when using it.

In addition to bed linen, curtains should also go through the washing machine regularly, in a short program and in cold water. Curtains attract dust! We therefore recommend that you wash them once a month (at least).

Tidy up and clean the room

Undoubtedly, the furniture is one of the big ones forgotten during household cleaning. It has happened to all of us to leave furniture gathering dust for an unlimited amount of time.

Take out or put away what you’re not using and wipe down with a duster or duster to get rid of the dust. Also take the opportunity to clean chairs or armchairs with a damp cloth. Do not hesitate to clean the shelves and objects that are in the room.

Remember that, to keep your bedroom furniture clean, you can frequently wipe a lightly dampened microfiber cloth, or dust wipe, over the headboard and bedside tables, not forgetting the lamps or the awakening.

Organize your wardrobe

In addition to the changes of clothes that coincide with the arrival of cold or good weather, your wardrobe also needs to be ordered. Tidying up the closet is a task that should also be included in the bedroom cleaning routine.

For starters, if you feel like your closet is about to explode, it’s time to sort it out. The solution is to go through your clothes and remove the pieces that no longer fit or that you no longer want to wear.

You can give these clothes to a family member or a friend. You also have the option of selling your clothes online or having a garage sale. Thus, you will save space in your wardrobe, you will make cleaning your room easier, you will save time and money!

We also recommend hanging delicate garments on a hanger and storing knit sweaters in a drawer, reducing the chances of the threads accidentally snagging on something. Also, another good strategy is to put the socks and the underwear in the same drawer, because that way you will have both types of clothing always at hand.

If it’s a built-in cabinet, wash the floor with detergent, remove dust with a rag or feather duster, and run a damp cloth over the shelves to remove dirt. Finally, take a few minutes to organize your shoes. After all this, you will finally have a clean and tidy closet!

Clean windows and mirrors

Carefully clean these elements with an appropriate product, as well as the computer screen or the television. This work requires time and above all a lot of willpower. Anyway, if you don’t feel like struggling with window cleaning, know that you can leave this task to a professional home cleaning service.

The bedroom floor also needs a good cleaning. So start by vacuuming before passing the canvas with a scented floor cleaner. It’s always nicer to sleep in a room that smells good. Do not hesitate to use home fragrances or even essential oil diffusers to create an olfactory atmosphere that increases your well-being and makes the room more comfortable for you.

Don’t forget to clean the carpets

And here is the last step to leave your room clean: carpet cleaning. It is highly recommended to shake the mats once a week. And to clean them? To start, it is necessary to vacuum the carpets in order to remove all the dirt and dust .

Then you have the option of cleaning the material with a carpet cleaner, which is usually found in the form of a foam. This maintenance product removes stains from carpets, cleans them, disinfects them and perfumes them.


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